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The Lamson Speedster, One bad Mammer Jammer!

Have you been considering buying a new reel this season? If so, the Lamson Speedster is one worth checking out!

I personally own two of these reels and have been nothing but impressed with their performance. You could ask five different serious fly fisherman what their favorite reel is and get five different answers, but here are a few reasons why I’m a big fan of the Speedster.

First being the retrieval speed. As an extra large arbor reel, this bad boy picks up more line per crank than almost any other reel in its category. The second reason would be the weight. This reel is very light for its size and as a result I run mine one size larger than what Lamsons sizing chart tells you to use. Therefore, I’m able to pick up even more line per crank (this might not work for some of the lighter rods on the market but it does for several). Another great selling point the Speedster has is its smoothness. Lamson has always been known for having smooth reels and this particular one is no exception. I personally feel that it is much smoother than several other reels that are at much higher price points. Those are a couple of the reasons why I run this reel, here is what Lamson has to say about it:

A super-high retrieve rate reel, the Speedster features a narrower spool, inboard mounted handle, and an outer diameter significantly larger than our highest performing reels. The narrow spool prevents line barreling, while the inboard handle and added circumference improve retrieve rate. Rev these features up with our classic Waterworks-Lamson styling and attention to detail—plus our time-tested, maintenance-free drag system—and you have what the name implies: a hot rod of a reel.

Format: Super Arbor
Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Finish: Hard Alox
Drag: Sealed Conical Drag

US Made, Idaho Built

If you have any questions about this reel or just want to take a look come on into the Fins and Feathers Store or visit our website at