The Last Days Of The Yellowstone Park Fishing Season"Magical” – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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The Last Days Of The Yellowstone Park Fishing Season"Magical”

Fishing in Yellowstone Park the last few days of the season can be summed up in one word, “Magical!” I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced this time of the year in the Park almost twenty times over the years and can honestly say I haven’t had the same experience twice. I’ve been there when it was a white knuckle drive at first light, snow flakes the size of silver dollars and have had the feeling like the season closed a week earlier and they forgot to close the gate. Other times it has been warm and sunny, a few people still cruising around in shorts and flip flops, motorcycles buzzing around and people doing the geyser walks. Usually the weather is somewhere in between the two extremes.

The funny thing is, is that most of my memories involve weather, friends or family that saw the Park for the first time, car troubles, Elk encroaching upon my fishing spot, I even spent several minutes in a tree once because I got caught in between a couple of Bison on their honeymoon. I guess my point is, I remember a lot of things about the last week of fishing season in the Park except the fishing. Sure there are a couple of days I remember the fishing was pretty good maybe even exceptional, but when reminiscing with friends I don’t remember any specific fish at all. Fishing Yellowstone Park this time of season becomes the whole package for me, everything from the animals on the Madison to the steam coming off the geysers at first light on the Firehole, to fishing around frozen back eddies on Slough Creek.

After Old Faithful shuts down and the gas stations get boarded up for the season, it’s easy to get that feeling you’re the only one around, and sometimes you are. The one thing to remember is the weather can change quickly and there are no amenities to be had. Remember a full tank of gas, extra socks and gloves, and plenty of munchies and drinks.

If you haven’t fished Yellowstone Park this late in the season, give it a shot. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. It gives us a chance to say goodbye until Memorial Weekend.