The Madison’s Back in Shape – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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The Madison’s Back in Shape

I Headed up to the upper Madison around the middle of last week as the water started to clear, to try and catch a few fish on the streamer with the a few friends. I left later in the day, as the others started fishing the west fork, which they reported was fishing slow. I passed the lower, which looked awesome, nice and green. It was a nice change from the chocolate flows from the previous weeks. I made it past Ennis and got a glimpse of the upper, which was also nice and green. Boats smattered the long riffle; at least two of the boats in my sight sported fishermen with bent rods. I knew that this was a good sign. I met the boys at Reynolds, who had great news. The fish were slamming white streamers in the bright sunlight. I didn’t believe it until on the second cast I was confirmed by the golden swirl of an aggressive brown in the fast water. The fish remained aggressive all day, providing plenty of exciting visual fishing.

Nick managed to catch a nice brown via the streamer on the lower. Even after a fall down the bank and a tangle with a fence, our boy still managed to the land the fish in the twilight hours. I need say no more, get out there and fish!