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The New Lamson Litespeed Micra-5

The Lamson Litespeed has been a staple of the Lamson reel line up for quite some time now. This year the Litespeed has seen a re-imagining, which is a true redesign, not just a facelift. The overall machining has been redesigned to make the spool larger and narrower, which allows for quicker line retrieval while inhibiting line crisscrossing. However, the most noticeable difference in the machining is the drag casing, which is now part of the frame eliminating the connection point and heavier materials used before. This obviously makes one of the lightest reels ever even lighter (and stronger). The other big improvement is the anodization finish used. Micra-5 anodization is mostly used in surgical applications and is significantly tougher and many time more corrosion resistant than other anodization processes. This improvement is significant enough to be included in the name, as the Litespeed is not known as the Litespeed Mirca-5 reel. And of course, the new Litespeed is made is the USA. Make sure to check them out next time you’re in the shop grabbing bugs.