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The New Ride

After running around for several years in places that just don’t fit the norm of western fly fishing with my trusty little 11’ Vanguard/rubber clown boat, I realized that it was time for change. So, I ended up picking up a used Aire 140D – Polyurethane – rubber boat for the days ahead. While I will miss the eccentricities involved with rowing three full grown men down a river in its terrain based counterpart the VW GTI, the outlook for rubber boat trips is looking much more fun in 2013.
Polyurethane was key in my decision making as it resists UV harm like nothing else, is strong as hell, and I will be able to give it Toby Care (i.e.-none) without worrying about it breaking up on me!
So, the raft has had some issues like broken seats so far, but nothing that can be fixed with bungee chords and some Gorilla Glue! It’s actually a super sweet bigger boat that has opened a whole new world of water to my wondering spirit. Beartrap? No worries, &^%&* Creek-like Id say that one! And multiple mid valley floats here in the Gallatin Valley are on the horizon soon!

Stick to hard boats, they really do have more fun…on the same old rivers!