The Twitch - Tuesday’s Tip – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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The Twitch - Tuesday’s Tip

This has been a fantastic summer for hopper fishing aorund SW Montana. There have been some days tougher than others for no apparent reason, but in general, things have been very good. The Yellowstone, Madison, and…to some degree…the Jefferson have each had their moments in terms of hopper fishing. It’s now getting late in the hopper season and the fish have seen a lot of bugs by now and may be a little more hesitant to come up and eat some giant foam puff the size of strawberry. This is a great time of the season to start fishing small, realistic pattern as a the first bug ealry in the day. Switch to hoppers late morning and you should be able to find fish to come up and eat a myriad of pattenss.

One thing that can really be effective this time of year is to get those hoppers moving, especially on hot days when the insects’ metabolism is really cranking away. If I’m not seeing enough interest in the bugs, the first thing i do is try the twitch. Pretty simple here with making a cast and then getting that line tight to the hand. I twitch the tip of the rod about a foot or so along the horizontal axis whicc translates into a sort of skip or twitch of the hopper along the water. It’s not always a go to method but I’m quick to try it if I feel we are not seeing the fish numbers that I would normally expect to find looking or eating my flies. It’s an easy technique that works wonders over fast riffles some times so give it a go the next time you’re out fishing hoppers and just not finding any fish