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The vanishing Marble Trout

Are you one of those anglers that dreams of fishing in different countries or regions to have the experience of catching another species of fish? This video will only encourage those hopes and dreams and probably trigger some if you have never considered it until now. Trapper Rudd and crew head into the Southern Alps with the hopes of finding the mysterious Marble Trout. Watch the video to see their persistent efforts rewarded with a fishing experience of a lifetime.

The Marble Trout is a highly endangered freshwater species. One of the biggest threats to the population is hybridization with the Brown Trout. It inhabits some of the rivers and streams that flow into the Adriatic Sea, in the countries of Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. The species use to be found in Albania and Croatia but is not extinct in those water systems. Learn more about the endangered Marble Trout here.

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