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The Zebra Midge- simple but reliable

Are you looking for a very simple, but effective, fly pattern to tie? This pattern is so easy to tie for anyone and is no doubt a must have fly at all times. This midge pattern is very effective due to the fact that midges are a valuable food source for trout throughout the year especially while other aquatic invertebrates are inactive. Although, the fly is small and many times overlooked this is a reliable fly and will most times result with a trout on the end of your line, especially when nothing else is working. The life cycle of the midge is predominantly under the surface. It isn’t until the adults emerge from their shucks (or pupal shealth) at the water surface and hang out on the surface to let their newly exposed wings to dry and are ready to take flight. There are so many midge species that identifying them or matching specific species is pointless. Depending on season and geographic location some colors are better that others. All stages of the midge, from larvae to pupa to adult are dependable food sources that trout cue in on. Imitations of these midge stages will be fished slightly different with varying depths in the water column.

The zebra midge imitates a midge pupa so is best fished just below the surface.

Materials Needed:
-Bead: Silver, 1/16”
-Thread: Black, 70 denier or 8/0
-Hook: 2X-short emerger hook (Dai-Riki #125), sizes 16-22
-Rib: Silver Ultra Wire, small
**Feel free to try different color wires, thread and beads**

Zebra Midge from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

Other very effective midge patterns are the Griffith’s Gnat or Brassie (click link to see pattern and materials). We have also provided some other effective midge flies for winter fishing here. We have one of the most abundant fly tying sections here at our shop with an extensive selection of materials, hooks, beads, tools, etc. We also sell flies from our shop, if tying your own doesn’t interest you. Feel free to visit our online store to see our diverse fly collection or swing in the shop. We are also beginning to book guide trips for our 2015 season, call us at 1-877-790-5303, or email us to reserve your trip today!