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Tidal Wave

Scott Tidal 9074

I attended the ICAST show in Orlando, Fl. About a month ago now on a super-quick one day marathon of activity in between flights to and from Bozeman. This is the most important wholesale/dealer show in the fishing business and has become a staple in my yearly travel plans over the last couple of years. It’s the one time of the year when dealers and manufacturers actually get to come together and talk about the industry, business, and fly-fishing in general.

There were a lot of great new rods being launched by several of the key manufacturers at this year’s show. Perhaps that most interesting to me was the Scott Tidal series of heavy rods designed for the saltwater angler. Now, saltwater rods are not one of our mainstays, but there are tons of folk from Bozeman that do a lot of saltwater fishing. Traditionally, good saltwater rods are always on the high-end and fast to very fast in their actions. So, while everyone else is focused on the mid-range freshwater rods, it was refreshing to see Scott bring a high performance saltwater specific line of rods that aren’t in the $800 price range, yet deliver some punch.

I cast the 909 at the show and it felt, well, like a club. It’s always hard to say in a casting pond with other people casting side by side. You spend most of the casting stroke hoping that you don’t hit the dude behind you with the puff of yarn on the demo leader. Regardless, for a 9 weight, the rod had a lot of punch and felt like the kind of rod I’d like to have with me on a Redfish trip to Louisiana. At, $475 and made in the USA it’s kind of a no brainer as a solid backup rod or first serious saltwater rod for the angler just getting into flats fishing for Permit and baby Tarpon.

I had the chance to fish the 907 a couple of weeks ago here on the Yellowstone, throwing streamers with some buddies all day. I have to say that I really liked it for that and quickly ran through the real versus imagine needs in the 7 weight realm of my life. I basically fish two lines while streamer fishing anymore, bot of the RIO Outbound Shorts (either a fast sink head w/h intermediate sink running line or intermediate head with floating running line). Any 7 wt. can typically handle the former very well, but the heavy head can really slow down a lot of rods on my preferred line being the first one mentioned. The Tidal could handle either line easily and does a great job of throwing a heavy floating line too. This rod seems to me to be an ideal choice for the serious streamer angler that wants to start venturing out into the Bonefish/small Redfish/Bass/Pike world too.

You can learn more about the technical aspects here as well as purchase one online. We’ve got the 907 in the shop, so stop in and check it out, we’re happy to throw a line on it in behind the shop for you to play with too! Made in the USA at $475, we’ll have more models as they become available.