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Tips For Distance Fly Casting

Distance casting is certainly not the most important part of trout fishing here in Southwest Montana but it is a good skill to have in your arsenal. When working in our Bozeman fly shop it is common for a co-worker to challenge you to what Toby calls a “huck-off”. This is not a challenge you want to show up to under gunned. Even very experienced fly fishers make a handful of mistakes when they try to put extra distance in their cast. Check out this Orvis video on improving your distance fly casting to ensure you can outcast all of your fishing partners.

Accuracy is going to be the key to improving your angling here around Bozeman but the distance cast is important for anglers who travel to saltwater destinations. While these tips can help with some of the basic mistakes, becoming efficient at casting distance still takes time and practice and can be helped significantly with a good rod. Here are a few of our favorite fast action sticks that are great for tossing an entire fly line.

Sage Igniter

Orvis Helios 3D

Sage X

Scott Radian

G-Loomis Asquith

Echo E3

All of these rods pack a punch even in smaller sizes like 5 or 6 weight. Swing by the shop to test cast any of these cannons!