Tips For Fishing Streamers From The Bank – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Tips For Fishing Streamers From The Bank

A little bit of cool weather turns the thoughts of our Bozeman fly shop staff straight to streamer fishing. Streamer fishing is a great way to target bigger fish in the fall and is an excellent way to avoid fly fishing with an indicator. The preferred method is certainly fishing a streamer from a boat and stripping it down the banks. Occasionally your fishing buddy who has a drift boat has too good of a time downtown Bozeman and bails on you early in the morning. It’s still an overcast beautiful day on the river so any dedicated fly fisher will still head out to throw some meat. Here are a few tips from RIO on how to fish a streamer from the bank.

Swing by the shop to pick up all of the necessary gear for a successful day of streamer fishing. From RIO lines to streamers you can’t find anywhere else we have it all!