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To Fish or Not to Fish

Old man winter has once again shown up in Montana. Snow and subzero highs for the weekend means, for me at least, fishing will be but a fleeting fancy. Sure I could go out and deal with frozen guides, slush, the inevitable wind, and probably do good because the fish don’t care. That’s what my hearts telling me to do, but my heads telling me that I’m behind on my winter tying list and if I get my butt in gear I can treat myself to some new gear this spring (an Orvis Superfine Glass and the new Patagonia Great Divider III are definitely on the short list). Speaking of spring, it’s practically March and spring fishing isn’t that far away. The rainbows are definitely starting to look a little chunky ahead of the upcoming spawn.

To some it may seem ludicrous to postpone a day of fishing because of weather. I myself once counted myself among you, rain or shine (or sleet, or lighting come to think of it) I was on the river without fail. We’re truly blessed to live in a place where there is world class trout fishing within half and hour in any direction. I guess I’ve lived here long enough to not only be a little picky about my powder days, but also my winter fishing days. So for now, with a good snowpack holding strong, I will be a slave to the vise and dream of the long summer chasing trout to come.