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Toby’s Latest Travels

Toby and his wife just returned from a week in Belize at Turneffe Flats Lodge out on the Turneffe Atoll. This was Toby’s first time to the lodge and his first time to Belize and his wife’s second diving trip to the areas. They had a great time at the lodge and enjoyed both great fishing and SCUBA diving during the day, fine meals at night, and some terrific evening conversations with other guests and staff at the Lodge.

Toby blogged while he was there so check out some of his reports and thoughts during the trip on his personal blog. He had some humorous thoughts along the way involving the attraction of Permit fishing.

We highly recommend Turneffe Flats Lodge for anglers of all skill levels and it is an ideal destination for couple’s as well. There are not too many places around that offer the abundance and diversity of both fishing and diving that Turneffe has to offer. In addition to what the are has to offer, it would be hard to find a staff of both fly fishing guides and dive masters that this place has to offer. You can book a trip to Turneffe either direct or through a variety of travel wholesale companies. We personally prefer working with Yellow Dog or Orvis Travel for our travel needs and Yellow Dog is the company we use for T-Flats. It’s usually the sam price regardless of how you book and can oftentimes find a better price through Yellow Dog than going direct with many lodge facilities.