Top 3 Salmon Flies – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Top 3 Salmon Flies

We have been getting asked a lot this week about what Salmon Fly bugs we like to fish, here is the answer: When I get on the water and decide that I’m going to be tying on a salmon fly my first go to is typically the Salmon Fly Cat Puke size #6. If that one isn’t doing the trick I also like the simplicity of the Hennery’s Fork Foam Stone #6, and the fish seem to as well. I personally haven’t fished the Winged True Salmon Fly, but that’s another go to for our staff here at Fins and Feathers.

We have a great stock of big bugs for these next few weeks so come on in and get stocked up before the hatch hits hard. It wont be much longer before we start seeing them on our local rivers.