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Top 5 Gallatin Flies for Late June and Early July

As we start seeing temperatures up into the 80’s and water on the Gallatin River drops and clears we begin to see a significant amount of bug activity. Stoneflies, mayflies, caddis, and midges will all be hatching. The main stoneflies we will see are going to be salmon flies, yellow sallies, and golden stones. The mayflies include PMD’s and brown drakes and along with these, caddis will be going crazy and some good midge hatches. With this soup of bugs it can be difficult to pick the best fly. So here it is. The best 5 flies for the Gallatin River from now to early July.

Salmon Fly Carnage stone

1. Salmon Fly Carnage Stone

To imitate the biggest aquatic insect species in the west the carnage stone is the way to go when fish are on salmon flies.

Mega Prince

2. Mega Prince

Most stoneflies live the majority of their lives in the water and the mage prince is a great way to get fish to think they are eating a salmon fly, golden stone, or yellow sally when fished in a smaller size

Gold Lightning Bug

3. Gold Lightning Bug

To cover the mayflies that are in the water during these bright and warm days the gold lighning bug is a perfect fly. Fish it big to look like a drake and in smaller sizes to catch PMD eating trout.

Purple Chubby Chernobyl

4. Purple Chubby Chernobyl

The purple chubby is a great attractor dry that looks significantly like dead stonefly adults, and this fly is incredibly easy to see and floats high. Great for dry dropper combos.

Natural Sculpzilla

5. Natural Sculpzilla

Sculpins are incredibly active and a staple for trout this time of year. No better way to look like one of these little fish than the natural sculpzilla.