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Top 5 Subsurface Mother’s Day Caddis Flies

Our Bozeman fly shop showed you our Top 5 Mother’s Day Caddis Dry Flies but we left out the best patterns to use subsurface. To ensure that you find success in the time leading up to the hatch and when the trout refuse flies on top, here are the best Mother’s Day caddis emergers and pupa patterns.

Top 5 Caddis Nymphs

Shop Vac Bright Green Beadhead Sparkle Pupa

Olive Beadhead Caddis Pupa Brown Mangy CaddisTung Dart

1. Shop Vac 2. Bright Green Sparkle Pupa

3. Olive Beadhead Caddis Pupa 4. Brown Mangy Caddis 5. Tung Dart

These flies all work great in that #16 – #18 size range while the hatch is going off or even a few weeks leading up to seeing the first adults flying around our Bozeman area rivers. I find the most success fishing these caddis patterns dead drifted under an indicator but they can also produce below your favorite caddis dry fly. If the fish aren’t taking it on the dead drift it is worth swinging patterns 3-5 at the end of your drift. Enjoy spring fishing as it takes off and remember you can buy these patterns and many more online right here!