Top Ten Guide Tools – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Top Ten Guide Tools

We use so many differrent things throughout a day, but here are a few of the “essential” pieces of fishing gear that we “never leave home without. Sure, a good boat bag is a great idea too, but these are soem things that you might not think about all the time but we do. After trying lots and losts of stuff, these products are our first choice essentialls that we rely on to help folks get into fish on our guided trips.

10) A quality set of nippers

9) Dr. Slick Split Shot Hemostats

8) Rio Flouro Felx Plus Tippet

7) DInsmore Tin Shot

6) Aquel and Top Ride

5) Buff and Buff Gloves

4) Bugger Beast and Bugger Beast Jr.

3) Orvis Gale Force Sling Pack

2) Helios 966 – 4 – Tip Flex

1) Thingamabobbers