Trout Season - Last Call! – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Trout Season - Last Call!

On Orvis’ last Friday Video Roundup, we got a glimpse of our own backyard! The video below features the Yellowstone River and some of our Bozeman fly shop friends and clients over in Livingston. If you’re waiting for our rainy morning weather to clear, this is a great way to spend 10 minutes.

If the video hit home for you (especially that beautiful scene with the trout chasing the streamers….oh my lanta…..) you can help preserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem by signing the petition for Initiative 186. While they reached their signature goal, the rumor is that the powers that be are trying to get about a 1/4 of those signatures invalidated for any miniscule reason. You can choose to donate or volunteer to make an impact, or get in touch and find out where they will have folks stationed for signing.

Find out more about I-186 by clicking this link….yes…this one….right here.