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Tuesaday Tip - Tenkara Style

Awoke to the frosty wetness of a wintery feeling day here in the Gallatin Valley on this fine Tuesday morning! Good to see some snow and actually need to wear that winter coat, all day for a change. Days like this in October and November make us all cringe as we sit in the shop, working away on spreadsheets, e-mails, and orders for 2013 when we know there are some Brown Trout out there looking for a streamer to eat!

This Tuesday’s Tip, however has to do with Tenkara fishing on a cold winter day. If you don’t know about Tenkara fishing, you should learn about it as it’s a really fun and effective way to fly fish just about anywhere trout live. In a nutshell, the rods are long (11-15 feet) with a relatively soft action and are telescopic for easy transport. There is no reel seat (the running line/leader rig attaches to a “lilian” off the rod tip) or line guides and the overall line length is fixed to whatever length you choose. It is “simplified fly fishing,” and perfect for the experienced angler looking for something new or the beginner angler that feels overwhelmed with gear complexity.

One thing that can be frustrating as hell on a cold winter day is dealing with frozen guides and hardware on your rod and reel! With Tenkara fishing, there are no guides or hardware to freeze up when they get wet and the Mercury drops well below freezing. So, thinking about heading out more than usual this winter? Come in and check out the various Tenkara USA rods and lines here at Fins & Feathers or shop online. It’s a new (t o us) twist on our favorite sport that has everyone here in the shop looking more forward to winter fishing on the Gallatin than ever before!