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Tuesday Ties - BH Crystal Bugger

Perhaps the most well known streamers pattern behind the Muddler Minnow, the Wolly Bugger is an old tried and true pattern that deserves a place in any fly box. The crystal version is tied the same way as the regular one, but with a flashier body. This fly is very versatile. Apart from being a minnow imitation that is stripped and actively fished, people have been known to dead drift them, and lightly dressed versions are excellent leech patterns for river and stillwaters alike.

Fly Recipe
Hook: 3x or 4x long shank streamer hook
Bead: Gold is the norm but any color bead will work
Tail:Marabou fibers with several Krystal Flash strands
Rib:Ultra Wire
Body:Pearl Chenille
Hackle: Webby cape feather or Select Saddle

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To start out with select a nice marabou feather with good movement t it and strip away any unneeded fibers so they don’t add any unwanted bulk. Tie it in behind the bead and secure all the way down the shank. Next take some Flashabou or Krystal Flash and add a few stands either side of the tail (it’s hard to see in the picture but it’s there).

Now secure the wire down behind the bead and down the shank. You should be able to pull the fibers out of the Pearl Chenille leaving the bare core. Do this of the length of the hook shank and secure it. You can secure both the wire and chenille at the same time to cut down on bulk.

Now take the chenille and wrap the body. After ever wrap pull the fibers of the chenille back and then lay down the next wrap. This will help prevent too many trapped fibers which make to fly look funny and can make to fly spin in the water resulting in an unfishable fly and a ruined leader. Now select a hackle feather whose fibers are slightly longer than the hook gap and tie it in but fist behind the bead.

Now wind the hackle feather back adding enough wraps to dress the fly however you like (7-8 usually looks good to me). Catch it with the copper wire going the other way. We are using the wire to hold the feather down some make sure they are nice and tight wraps. While wrapping the wire work it back and forth slightly. This will help prevent trapping too many hackle fiber. Tie off the wire and a few whip finishes and trim the hackle feather sticking out the back and we have a highly versatile fly pattern!