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Tuesday Ties - Griffith Gnat

If you’ve been out fishing lately chances are you’ve had a few Griffith Gnats with you. Perhaps one of the easiest dry fly patterns out there and yet one of the most effective. They serve well as a midge clusters, but over all just look plain buggy.

Fly Recipe
Hook: Your favorite standard dry fly hook
Body:Peacock herl
Hackle: Grizzly dry fly hackle
Ribbing: X-Small or Small Ultra wire

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Start out by securing the wire and a couple pieces of peacock herl along the hook shank, so that the both stick out the back of the fly. Most of the time I’d recommend starting the thread near the eye of the hook and securing both materials at the same time to avoid adding bulk to the fly. With the Griffith Gnat however a little bulk is ok so laying down a layer of thread and then adding the materials separately will and some extra durability to the fly.

Now take the herl and wrap yourself a nice peacock body. Some people like the body to be slender but me I like them chubby. It’s up to you how you want to tie them. Next select the right sized hackle feather for the size hook you’re using and secure it butt end first behind the hook eye.

Take the hackle feather and winding backwards down the shank add a half dozen or so wraps of hackle. You don’t want to overdo the hackle, but you also want the fly to be nice and buoyant. Now take the wire and wrap forward through the freshly hackled body using the wire to secure the hackle. Tie off the wire, trim the excess hackle, and add a few whip finishes and you’re done!