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Tuesday Ties - Hot Head Pheasant Tail

Beadheads have been one of the most popular additions to the tying arsenal, and have become the normal way to add weight to nymphs. In my opinion though traditionally tied (no bead) nymphs should play an important role if any fisherman’s fly box. I especially like to fish these in calmer water where fish have longer to examine the fly.

A lot of times on both bead and non-bead nymphs I will add some sort of hot spot to catch the trout’s eye. With nymphs I usually just use some sort of colored thread to accomplish this.

So we’ll do a non-bead Pheasant Tail with orange thread hot head.

Hook: 2x long nymph hook
Thread: 70 UTC Fluorescent Fire Orange
Weight: Lead or Lead Free wire
Tail/Abdomen/Wingcase/Legs: Pheasant Tail
Rib: Ultra Wire
Thorax: Peacock Herl

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Start out by adding some Lead or Lead Free wire under where the thorax will be, but not too close to the eye of the hook. Now start the thread and secure the wire in place. Then select several Pheasant Tail fibers for a tail and tie them in. Next secure the some wire and Pheasant Tail fibers in preparation for the abdomen.

Take the Pheasant Tail fibers and wrap them forward to about the halfway point and tie them off. Now take the wire and add a few wraps to help strengthen the abdomen. Now tie in another bunch on Pheasant Tail fibers that will be the wingcase, and also tie in some Peacock Herl.

Wrap the Peacock Herl to make a thorax. Now take a 4-5 Pheasant Tail fibers and tie them in each side of the head for the legs. Pull the wingcase forward and tie it down. Finally a few whip finishes and it’s done!

This will be the last Tuesday Ties until the fall. We will be posting general Tuesday Tips during the summer. Thanks for reading this winter and if you want to see a particular pattern next year shoot us an email and let us know. Thank you, Steven.