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Tuesday Ties - Pat’s Rubberleg

The Pat’s Rubberleg is perhaps the beat, defiantly our favorite, stonefly imitation in the west. Super easy to tie, this very suggestive pattern is an essential part of every western fly box!

Fly Recipe
Hook: 3x or 4x long nymph hook
Weight: Lead wire
Tail/Legs/Antenna: Super Floss (Flexi Floss Sexi Floss it’s all the same product)
Body: Chenille (both solid and variegated chenille’s can be used)

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This fly if really pretty straight forward. Wrap add however much weight you think you’ll need for the rivers you’ll be fishing. Next tie in the tail and antennas, then I like to tie in the chenille next so the legs aren’t in the way. Now tie in the legs. If you’re worried about the way the legs look then tie them in individually (this is what I’ve done here), otherwise just tie all three in together. Both methods catch fish just fine; however, tying the legs in one go is quicker.

Time to wrap the chenille, make the first wrap behind the tail this will help keep the tail in position. When you reach the legs make the wraps in such a way as the hold the legs where you want them. Tie off the chenille and when you wipe finish the fly watch out for the antenna as it’s easy to tweak them.

Good colors are brown, black, midnight (brown tan), orange/black, olive/brown, and coffee/black.