Tuesday Ties - Pink Lightning Bug – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Tuesday Ties - Pink Lightning Bug

Hook: Scud or Emerger hook
Bead: Silver brass bead
Tail: Fluorescent Pink Antron Yarn
Abdomen: Silver mylar tinsel
Rib: Ultra wire copper/amber
Thorax: Pink UV Ice Dub

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Start out by tying in the Antron tail and make sure it’s secured down. Now tie in the Ultra Wire rib and Mylar tinsel. If you are using the Mylar tinsel that is silver on one side and gold on the other then tie it in so that the gold is on top. This way when you begin the wrap it the silver will end up on top.

Now wrap the tinsel forward and tie off. Then a few wraps of the rib to secure tinsel down. Then a simple dubbed thorax of the UV Ice dub.