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Tuesday Ties - Sawyer PT

In my opinion the Sawyer Pheasant Tail is an easier and more effective variation of the typical Pheasant Tail we know today. It requires significantly less time to tie and does not require the fiddly work of tying in pheasant tail legs. There are many variations of this fly, including the original which did not use any thread instead using fine wire for the thread. This is an easy method I use, which is as effective as any other.

Hook: 2x long nymph hook
Thread: Try to match the color of the pheasant tail you are using
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Body: Pheasant Tail
Rib: Ultra Wire
Thorax: Ultra Wire
Wing Case: Pheasant Tail

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Start the thread behind the eye of the hook and secure the wire all the way down the hook shank. I highly recommend you place the wire in a separate bobbin from the thread the reason for this will become evident later. Then secure 4-5 pheasant tail fibers with a few good tight wraps right at the back of the fly.

Wrap the pheasant tail fibers forward to make a nice body. Tie the pheasant tail off just past the half way point. Continue to secure the pheasant tail down all the way to the eye of the hook. Bring the thread back to the middle of the fly.

Bring the wire forward adding 3-4 ribs over the body. This is where having the wire in a bobbin comes in handy. Once you reach the mid point of the fly continue adding wraps, but one after the other all the way to the eye. Then another layer back to the mid point. Tie off the wire here and cut/bend the wire off.

Pull the pheasant tail fibers back over the wire thorax and tie off the make a wing case. Now just a few whip finishes and a dap of head cement and the fly is done! And finally make sure you tie some in red!