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Tuesday Ties - Two-Tone Worm

Looks like we could be seeing runoff a little early this year, so it’s time to tie some worms! I’m not convinced that fish prefer one style of worm over another, but color does matter. So, it’s fun to shake things up and give the trout two colors to chomp on.

Hook: Slightly curved nymph hook
Thead: Two colors to match either end on the fly
Bead: Color is up to you, but you don’t want to use a small bead
Body: Two colors of vernille
Rib: 3x tippet

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Make sure the bead is on the hook before you start. Start your thread at about the half way point and secure a length of 3x tippet down to the back of the hook. Use a few good snug thread wraps to secure your back color vernille down just behind the half way point.

Take the tippet and add a few warps to secure the vernille down, and then tie off the tippet. Now take the vernille and wrap it twice around the hook and tie it off. Bring the thread out on the bare hook shank and tie off the thread using either a whip finish or other finishing knot.

Spend some time and work the bead back as far as it will go. Now, using your second thread color, add a thread base on the front half of the shank. Then, a ways behind the eye, tie in the second vernille color pointing backwards. Secure the vernille right back to the bead.

Bring the thread forward to right behind the eye. Now warp the vernille forward until the last possible warp that you can catch the vernille on top of the hook shank. A couple good snug thread wraps to make sure the vernille isn’t going anywhere and a few whip finishes and you’re ready for trout worm the worm munchies.