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Tuesday Tip - Lake Fishing

Lakes are a great way to get some fishing done during high water season. There are a number of techniques that work to catch fish in lakes, and you don’t necessarily need specialized gear to be successful. Dry fly fishing is good at times on area lakes, but indicator fishing has been a more reliable way to catch trout. Lake fish like to eat leeches and nymphs such as chironomids and callibaetis. Experiment with slowly stripping in or twitching the indicator rig, and also adjusting the depth of the flies can make a big difference. Stripping streamers or leeches can also be quite productive. Although you don’t always need a sink tip or full sink line to strip streamers, they can be helpful. Especially if the fish are down deeper, or you just want to chase after some monsters of the deep. If you don’t have a sink tip or sinking line handy then you can help your flies get down a bit deeper by using a sinking poly leader. I attached a fast sinking poly leader to my floating line a few nights ago on Hyalite, and it made a big difference at getting my wine colored leech that the cutthroat and grayling both seemed to love so much.