Tuesday Tip - Tenkara Day! – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Tuesday Tip - Tenkara Day!

Fins & Feathers is happy to announce we will be hosting a tenkara event on July 14. Daniel Galhardo of TenkaraUSA will be on hand and presenting. Topics such as the different types of tenkara tackle and their set up, casting, and fishing tactics will be covered here at the shop. The presentation will be free of charge.

We’re very excited to have Daniel here. Aside from being the founder of tenkarausa, he’s probably also the leading expert in the country on traditional tenkara fishing tactics. This should be a great opportunity for anglers interested in tenkara to learn more about it, and for those already fishing tenkara to expand their tenkara experience. If you’re at all interested, please keep July 14th set aside on your calendar.