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Tuesdays Ties - BH Mini Worm

The worm, love it, hate it, ignore it, you gotta love it! This fish catching machine is so easy to tie its almost criminal. Tie them in red, wine, brown, pink, and purple.

Hook: Heavy wire scud hook
Bead: Standard gold bead
Rib:Ultra Wire
Body:Ultra Chenille (Vernille)

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I like to sit down a churn out several dozen of these at one time, so what I like to do is cut all my pieces of Ultra Chenille ahead of time. After tying a few you’ll figure out how long to cut them to your liking. Then thread a piece through the bead and then thread the bead on the hook. I like the Twist the chenille around itself to keep it out of the way. Start the thread behind the bead and secure the wire down the bare shank.

Bring the thread forward until its behind the bead. Pull the chenille through the bead until its where you think it should be. I like to secure the chenille behind the bead with a few wraps of thread so it doesn’t move from this point. Now take the wire and use it to secure the chenille to the hook. Tie off the wire and add a few whip finishes. It probably doesn’t affect its fish catch effectiveness, but singing the ends of the chenille with a lighter makes the fly look a lot better.

Now you have a fishy fishy fly and you save $1.50 for every one you tie instead of buy!