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Tying Additions

Winter is coming to Southwest Montana and we are starting to get geared up for the long fly tying season ahead with new stuff for the fly tyer. While we always try to have something for any fly tying situation, we have to admit that finding new materials is half the fun for us anymore.

Chocklett's Body Wrap

If you had a chance to fish the Gamechanger this year, you know that it’s a hard baitfish pattern to beat. Body materials have been hard to find and hard to work with up until this point. Check out Blaine Chocklett’s new body wrap material in a wide range of colors and more material, which equals more flies out of each package.

The Bozeman Reel Company has come out with an innovative fly tying product called Bug Collars. These double-drilled collars are anodized metal that is intended to be used behind a bead for added color contrast and weight to your standard flies. These are going to be awesome additions to many of the popular “Hot Bead” spring patterns for the Missouri and Bighorn rivers.

EP Chromatic Brushes

EP Chromatic brushes are super flashy body brushes designed by Great Lakes steelhead guide and fly tyer Greg Senyo. If you haven’t tried tying streamers with EP brushes, give them, a shot, as they are easy to work with and enable the tyer to get more creative than ever before. The Chromatic brushed will add movement and flash to your favorite patterns like never before.

1-2-3 Box

The 1-2-3 box is one of the most creative bench side organizers we have seen in awhile. Ideal for storing hooks, dubbing, beads, and finished flies. The box is at home both on your bench and in your boat bag.