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Tying the Chromie

Fly Recipe
Thread: 8/0 Uni Black
Hook: Dai-Riki #135 (standard scud hook)
Bead: White
Body: Silver Holographic Tinsel
Rib: Red Ultra Wire

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Start out with the bead already on the hook, then start the thread behind the bead. Tie in some wire and some holographic tinsel behind the bead and secure both down the length of the shank. Chironomids have very slender bodies, so try to use smaller sized wire on smaller hooks to avoid adding too much bulk.

Take the tinsel and wrap it forward and tie it off behind the bead. Now take the wire and do the same. Don’t add to many wire wraps. Add a handful of thread wraps behind the bead to try and taper the silhouette of the bead down to the body of the fly and finish the fly.