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Tying the Frostbite Chironomid

Fly Recipe
8/0 UNI is what I used here, but any 8/0 or 70 denier thread would work just fine.
Hook: Standard scud hook. #135 Dai-Riki or TMC 2457 are good choices.
Bead: The Spirit River beads work well this style of chironomid because they have a larger hole to accommodate the gills being tied through the bead.
Body: Frostbite
Rib: Ultra Wire
Head: Peacock herl
Gills: Antron yarn

Start without the bead on the hook, or slid to the back of the hook. Start the thread at the front of the fly and tie in a clump of Antron yarn to simulate the white gills of the chironomid and tie off the thread. Be careful not to tie in to much otherwise the bead wont slip over it. In fact checking to make sure the bead will fit before tying off thread is a good idea. Now slide the bead to the front of the fly and start the thread again behind the bead. Tie in a length of silver Ultra Wire and some frostbite. Then secure both down the hook shank.

Take the frostbite and wrap it forward until just behind the bead and tie it off. Next take the wire and add 4-5 wraps through the frostbite. Frostbite isn’t the most durable material out there some counter wrapping the wire is advised. Take a few pieces of Peacock herl and secure them in behind the bead.

Leave the thread near the base of the Peacock herl. Take the herl and wrap and/or spin it around the thread. This vastly increases the durability of the fly. Now wrap the reinforced Peacock herl behind the bead to form the fly’s head. Chironomids have a slender profile, so you don’t want the head to be too much bigger than the bead. Finally finish the fly with a few whip finishes.