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Tying the Hare & Copper

Fly Recipe
Thread: A little wine or red looks good for the collar.
Hook: Standard scud hook. Dai-Riki #135 or TMC 2457 are good choices.
Bead: Black looks good on most colors, but I like copper with the natural color.
Rib: Ultra wire. Color is up to you; I tend to steer away from the garish colors.
Body: Squirrel Dub or a Hare’s Ear blend. Some favorite colors include: natural, olive, and black.

Start the thread behind the bead and secure a piece of ultra wire down the hook shank. You have a choice here are as to which dubbing you would rather use. Squirrel Dub will give the fly a very spiky look, while using a Hare’s Ear blend will give the fly a slightly fuzzy but more organized look. This fly is used to imitate caddis larva, so looking to see what the caddis use in you area to make their casings will give you an idea which dubbing is more suitable for the waters you fish. I personally really like the look of the Squirrel Dub. The key to this fly is to dub the dubbing VERY loosely. Don’t worry; the rib will help hold it down.

Go ahead and dub the body. If it looks too bulky while you are dubbing the body don’t worry, that’s just what we’re looking for. Now make 3-4 wraps through the body with the wire. Make sure the wire wraps are nice and snug. Tie off the wire and finish the fly with a few knots. Take a dubbing brush or bodkin (the dubbing brush really shines here) and remove all the loose dubbing fibers. You should be left with something that looks about right, but it’s up to you how much grooming the fly needs.