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Tying the Jim Dandy Worm

The Jim Dandy Worm has been one of my favorite worm patterns for quite a while now. I like to tie several variations of worm in this same manor actually. Whether I use Gummie material for the larger size 6’s and 8’s or the micro size Ultra Chenille for 16’s, it’s the same steps. Sometimes I use Jelly Rope or Edge Brite for more of a glow. For extra glow I wrap the shank with tinsel prior to the ribbing material. Mostly I like a Copper Tungsten Bead, sometimes I prefer a Lucent or Hot Bead, othertimes straight brass is the way to go if wieght is an issue.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel or over complicate a super easy pattern to prove my innovative way of thinking. It’s just a cool addition that costs about 10 cents a fly and only takes a couple seconds more. One more thing that’s cool about it is when the Chenille wears out and starts hinging or the Goomie stuff falls off, just take it home and pull another piece of material over the top and tie it in in a couple of places and you’re ready for another day with very little effort or cost, especially if you used a Tungsten Bead to begin with.

Here are the materials I used on this version: Curved Scud Hook #12, 1/8 Copper Tungsten Bead, 2mm Red Ultra Chenille, Medium Red V-Rib.

First slide the chenille through the large end of the bead. Sometimes it helps to burn the end first. Second slide the bead over the hook. It helps to de-barb first.

Next I start my thread at the bead and wrap down to the bend, tie in my rib and wrap thread back to bead.

Last, tighty wrap the rib from bend to bead and whip finish. Done

If you need any of these materials and much more, come in to our Bozeman Fly Shop and we can get you lined up.

Tie and fish this fly with a ton of confidence, it really does work well.