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Tying the Lil’ Spanker

Fly Recipe
Thead: 8/0 Uni
Hook: 2x long nymph hook
Bead: Color of choice
Underbody: Lead or Lead-Free Wire
Tail: Pheasant Tail or Woodduck
Abdomen: Holographic Tinsel
Rib: Ultra Wire
Wingcase: Krystal Flash
Thorax: Ice Dub or UV Ice Dub
Hackle: CDC

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Start out by adding some lead or lead-free wire. You only want the lead under the thorax portion of the fly. Now start your thread behind the lead and wrap a few turns of thread through the lead to secure it and stop it from spinning around the hook. Take a length of Ultra Wire and secure it down the hook shank to where the base of the tail will go. Next take either some pheasant tail or woodduck fibers (I use one or the other to match the overall color of the fly) and tie them in. Now take some holographic tinsel and tie that in near the base of the tail.

Take the holographic tinsel and wrap it forward to form the abdomen (usually right behind the lead). Next add a few wraps of wire over the holographic tinsel body to add strength. Tie in several strands of Krystal flash pointing backwards. Now take a small amount of Ice Dub or UV Ice Dub and dub a small ball dubbing in front of the abdomen; making sure to leave some space between it and the bead.

Now pull the Krystal Flash over the dubbing the form the wingcase. When you trim the excess leave two strands and pull them back and secure them down so there’s one either side of the fly pointing backwards. Trim these strands about half a hook shank long. Now select a CDC feather that has a stem on the thin side and tie it in tip first behind the bead.

Take the CDC feather with your hackle pliers and make no more than 2-3 turns with it. You want a fairly sparse hackle. Pull the CDC fibers back and add a few thread warps to hold them facing backwards. Take a small amount of dubbing and add a small collar. This will help hold the CDC fiber back and clean up the head of the fly. Now finish the fly.