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Tying Tip - Using a Half Hitch

When beginning to tie flies, there are a lot of frustrating situations. One of which is completing a step where you made the fly look perfect after about 10 minutes of obsessing and then you slip and everything you just completed unravels. Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem. It is the half hitch. After every big step or maybe just for safety purposes throw a half hitch or two in and feel the security of knowing that you won’t lose everything you just completed. Here is a short video on how to half hitch.

A half hitch can be used for finishing a fly when using 2-4 or it can be a good way to get your bobbin out of the way for certain steps on a fly. Just do a half hitch and you can now bring your bobbin out and hang it over the arm attached to your Renzetti Vice clearing space near your fly for wrapping hackle or wire. Visit your Bozeman Fly Shop for all of your tying materials, tools, and tips. Don’t forget about Fins & Feathers’ upcoming tying classes! Call or email the shop to sign up.