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Tying With CDC

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Tying With CDC

Cul-de-Canard (CDC) is an incredibly buggy material that is very useful for dry fly, emerger, and nymph patterns. It has amazingly buoyant properties and when treated right can float for hours, even when you are catching fish. Standing alone or paired with other materials, CDC is by far my favorite material as far as how buggy it looks and how effective it is when trout fishing. I get noticeably more eats when using CDC than any other dry fly material. Check out this article for a cool history of tying with CDC, the different types of CDC feathers, how to harvest them yourself, and common CDC patterns. In addition to the flies included in the article CDC flies that I really like include the Rusty Spinner, Corn Fed Caddis, Last Chance Cripples, Dun CDC & Elk, and Lil’ Spankers. If you have yet to tie with CDC I highly recommend it for how versatile it is and its ease of use.

Rusty CDC Parachute SpinnerCorn Fed Caddis PMD Last Chance Cripple Dun CDC & Elk Pheasant Tail Lil' Spanker