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Upper Gallatin, A Good High Water Option

With warm temps in the forcast and water levels on the rise the fishing options are getting slimmer by the day. One spot that gets over looked by many people is the upper Gallatin above the Taylor Fork. There is just shy of 2 miles of river up stream of the Taylor Fork before you hit the park line that is very productive during high water. A good majority of the dirty water that the Gallatin gets is from the Taylor fork. Therefore, this section is typically much cleaner than the water below the conflunce of the Taylor Fork.

From Bozeman it only takes a little over an hour to get there and the dirve is nothing less than spectacular as far as the scenery goes. Even if you only have a half day to work with this is still a feasible option. When you get to the river tie on a dark Rubber Leg and a San Juan and you should find some fish. Other good options would be: Prince Nymphs, Lighting Bugs, Copper Johns, and any type of Buggers or Zonkers. If you need an up to date report on this section stop on in at the shop or give us a call as we usually have current reports from this area. It looks as if this seasons run off is going to be one for the books so keep this spot in mind as the water levels rise and the fishing options become far and few between.