Upper Madison Mid March Report – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Upper Madison Mid March Report

I spent the day fishing the Upper Madison yesterday with good results. First I went and took a look at Valley Gardens to see what was going on there. The gate is open and the snow is 100% gone. As a result of this there were several cars in the parking lot. Unfortunatly, I feel like every time I go to VG these days its that same story, too many people to make me want to get out and give it a go. I decided to carry on up stream and went to Varney Bridge instead. I personally would always prefer to catch a few less fish and not be fighting over holes than to fish around a bunch of anglers.

It didn’t take more than a couple casts once I got in the water to hook up on a nice 16in Rainbow. After about a hour of trying a handful of flies I decided that all I needed was a dark colored Stonefly and a midge pupa. This combination produced all day, both for the Browns and Rianbows. Other flies that did get a little love though were the Prince Nymph, egg and a purple Lightning Bug. There were a ton of midges hatching throughout the day but I never saw a single head all day long. The rainbows were not showing much sign of spawning activity yet. Colors were still on the silver side and I didnt see any sitting on beds yet. This will change in the weeks to come as the rainbows are Spring spawners.

The wind was rippping as usual for the Madison in the spring. Besides that conditions were great, it was in the mid 40’s and partly cloudy. This weeks forcast doesn’t look quite as good as far as the weather goes. Cooler temps and a good amount of precipitation is what they are calling for.

In conclusion, the Madison as a whole is a great option for the next few weeks. Spring in general is my favorite time of the year to be on the water and that time is here for the 2018 season!