Upstream Fly Shop Opens Soon – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Upstream Fly Shop Opens Soon

We are very excited for our new venture, Fins & Feathers Upstream, to open its doors for business in just a bit over a week from today! The Gallatin River has been our home-water for nearly 20 years and now we can literally see it right our backyard. Upstream is a quaint fly shop located in the Gallatin Canyon, about ½ way between Big Sky and the mouth of the canyon. The shop is going to feature a terrific array of flies, terminal tackle, and gear for the angler that will surprise just about everyone that stops in while out on the water.

The shop is located at “Karst Camp” – a historic dude ranch along the river – and is now home to part of the Montana Whitewater family. Our mission here is to support the angler on the river with our time-tested standard of friendly, fishy service.

Longtime Fins & Feathers guide and team leader, Steven Rendle, is taking the lead on the Upstream project with help and support from all of us at our Bozeman fly shop. If you know Steven, then you know that he knows fish and he knows flies – in addition to be pretty damn knowledgeable in just about everything else too. He’s been putting in the work to build an awesome little shop and it’s almost ready!

Montana Whitewater offers unique fly-fishing classes and guided fly-fishing opportunities along the Gallatin River. They’ve been doing these trips for years and we feel great to be able to now be able to send folks their way for all of the wade fishing options along the Gallatin River near Big Sky and Bozeman.

Fins & Feathers Upstream will be open to the public starting June 15, 2019. Located at mile market 55.5 on Highway 191, we will be open 8-5 every day to start with. Once the weather warms and the river drops, we will most likely have longer hours.

Upstream will be offering a wide range of products from the Far Bank family of brands including Sage, Rio, & Redington as our flagship partners. The space is tiny for sure, but we will get some of basics from Simms, Patagonia, and Umpqua Feather Merchants so that we can help everyone get the most out of their days on the Gallatin River.