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Waterproof Sling Pack Highlights | Spring 2018

In the world of fly fishing gear, the popularity of vests has significantly decreased and their place in the industry has been filled by packs, specifically the sling pack. While vests have advantages the rising popularity of sling packs is definitely warranted. The best style of sling pack for those that are constantly on the water is certainly a waterproof sling. The waterproof pack is spacious, comfortable, durable, and most importantly, waterproof. Whether you are fishing in a torrential downpour, from a kayak or paddle board, or from a raft in whitewater, it is always nice to have a dry place to store items such as your wallet, phone, or celebratory cigars (obviously to celebrate the huge fish you just caught). The three leading packs are the Fishpond Thunderhead sling, the Patagonia Stormfront sling, and the Orvis Waterproof sling. Here is a breakdown of each.

Fishpond Thunderhead: $199.95

This pack features the TIZIP waterproof zipper and has an integrated net slot over the breathable mesh back panel. This pack has a bunch of tabs and loops for accessory attachment, a very helpful feature for streamside tools.

Patagonia Stormfront: $229

The Stormfront also features the fully waterproof TIZIP zipper and has a quick-access handle to snag the pack when you are in a hurry. This pack has fewer exterior attachment points for tools but carries the reliability you can expect with any Patagonia product.

Orvis Waterproof Sling: $219

This pack is lacking the TIZIP but instead has a YKK waterproof Flexseal zipper. This pack has a gear station on the shoulder strap, tippet spool rings, and an external fly patch to dry flies that have been benched for the day.

All of these packs are absolutely great, so choosing between them may only come down to brand preference or finding the color you are after. Based on price point alone, the quality of the Fishpond sling is on par with the other two bags and would be my choice if I were to go buy a new waterproof pack today.