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Waterworks Lamson Center Axis System

Waterworks Lamson – Center Axis from Waterworks-Lamson on Vimeo.

casting is believing

Cast off your preconceptions and get closer to the center of the action. The new Center Axis rod and reel.

one hang up

Graphite rods came on the scene in the early 1970s. Over the course of the next (nearly) 50 years, rod designers ne-tuned performance with advancements in materials, engineering, manufacturing, and the art that complements the science. Beautiful, well designed and precision-made, many brands today make graphite rods that defy expectations. But they can’t defy physics. No matter how great the rod, one core fact weighs it down: two-thirds of the total weight you’re casting is the reel, and that heavier object hangs far from the rod’s axis.

just not feeling it

To visualize the impact of this heavier object sitting aside the rod, exaggerate it. Imagine casting with a reel mounted 12-inches below the rod. The reel would create undesirable pendulum and twisting forces. The same forces are at work with the standard rod/reel con guration on a smaller scale. On your backcast, what you want to feel is the decelerating line load the rod, not the force required to slow the reel and hold it straight. Your hands inform the brain about timing and position so the measured energy you put into the rod happens at the right instant, at the perfect amplitude and arc to send the loop sailing. But while you’re doing this, several ounces of metal swinging around create background static, noise, when you are searching for rhythm and feedback from the rod and line.

get centered

The Center Axis may be the most meaningful advancement in y rod performance since graphite replaced berglass all those decades ago. By closely aligning the center mass of our Litespeed C/A reel with the center axis of our rod, we’ve de-levered the mass of the heavier object. The result will amaze you. You’ll feel the pulse of your cast like never before. Don’t take our word for it. Put the Center Axis in your hand. Casting is believing.