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Waterworks-Lamson Center Axis System Review

After spending 3 days fishing the Waterworks-Lamson 905-4 Center Axis System I finally feel that I have fished in enough conditions and caught enough fish on it to come to a consensus.

This is a sweet system (I wanted to say rod but that’s just selling it short). It is a powerful enough rod to shoot into the wind all the while maintaining accuracy and feel. I found that is sits somewhere in between a fast and slow action rod with enough beef to cast streamers and delicately present a dry fly. I was very impressed with the ease of making a roll cast and even more impressed with how balanced it felt in my hand. With a standard rod and reel you unknowingly feel a kick back, or swing from the reel at the end of each casting stroke. You won’t notice this kick back until after casting the center axis system where the kick/swing is all but eliminated.

The look of the rod is excellent with a light grey finish and dark grey wraps with black writing for the label and the slick Waterworks-Lamson logo printed near the cork. The cork itself is comfortable in the hand and has little filler. The Litespeed reel is a beautiful reel seat replacement with Lamson reliability and firm yet smooth drag for fighting even the biggest of fish.

I put this rod and reel system at the high end of the mid level price range and believe it to be competitive with even high end rods like the Sage x and the Scott Meridian. At $749.99 I think you are getting a very good rod with a great lightweight Lamson reel that has impressive balance and casting feels unlike any rod and reel combo I have ever fished.