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We Have What You Need For the Changing Seasons!

As I look around the shop today, I see we have a lot of cool stuff for the upcoming Fall weather. We are fully stocked in a variety of layering pieces from Patagonia including several colors of the ever popular Nano Puff Jackets as well as the Pants. We have the new Field Line of Shirts, Pants and Fleece Jackets that are super comfortable and look real nice as well. Several of us have bought some of these items in anticipation of the upcoming hunting season. If it’s time to re-up on the rain jacket situation we have you covered. With a full line of Orvis and Patagonia Rain Jackets we should be able to accommodate. Whether male, female, on a tight budget, or you just want the last rain jacket you’ll have to buy in several years, you should come in and check out our selection. I think a person would have to look around a bunch to find a better selection of the best gear in the world in one shop.

If like many people, you just want the latest and greatest in the Streamer world, we have you covered. We already have a ton of cool Streamers and it seams like we keep getting more in every couple of days. (We are expecting a big shipment of Hazes and Adams in today as well). If you are getting ready for the Saltwater Season we are pretty well stocked in all the cool Salt patterns, Tarpon, Bones, Permit, whatever, you should stop by here before you try to special order anything from another company.

If you lean towards the tying your own stuff you’ll be super impressed by our selection of tying materials. I will boast that you’ll search a long time to find a better stocked tying section anywhere in town, or in many towns really. We carry a ton of Puglisi materials(maybe all of them), and we just got in the new Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend that everyone has been asking for lately. It looks pretty cool and has some better than average colors. As far as hooks go, we stock Gamakatsu, Tiemco, Orvis, Dai-Riki, and a few MFC when we can get them. If you can’t find a hook you like here, you might not need it.

Now I here what you’re saying, “What will I carry all this cool stuff in?” Well don’t fret, we actually have some great streamer boxes, salt water boxes, boat bags, gear bags and duffles, some are even on sale.

Just so you know, I didn’t write this blog just to sell shit. I wrote it because I know how important it is to have good stuff out here, especially this time of year. The weather can change in an instant and it can be very bad if you aren’t somewhat prepared. My first Fall here, I was fishing the canyon and I ended up getting a little wet. First the weather started getting a little colder, then it started snowing, when I got back to the car I realized I locked my keys in it. By the time I could get help getting in, I had miner frost bite on several of my fingers. My fingernails turned black and fell off a few days later. It kind of hurt bad. Anyway, I still fish and hunt in crappy weather, I still fall in way too often, but I have decent clothes now that work and last forever and I quit locking my car doors quite so much.