Weekend Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Weekend Update

The runoff is finally almost over around here. We’ve still got awhile until the Yellowstone is in good shape, but the Madison and Gallatin are both finally there and continuing to drop. Salmonflies have come and gone (sort of) on the Madison but there are still plenty of them around, especially in the upper reaches. The fish have taken a beating over the last week up there, but folks will be starting to spread out a bit more as more and more water starts to clear.

We’ve been running all over the place the last few weeks and it’s great to be back on our home waters more days than not. Our guides are out on the Madison and a variety of local spring creeks everyday now, so keep an eye on our fishing reports as they will hopefully continue to be the “freshest” around as the season progresses. As things improve, we’ll be hitting the Gallatin, Yellowstone, and Jefferson with more regularity too.

It’s great to be here right now and watching things change everyday on the rivers. The sunshine has been fantastic and the fishing has been pretty good too.