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When You Need Some Inspiration

Sometimes I need a little inspiration for getting up early to go fishing….especially if the night before was a late one. Most of the time, I can just turn on my playlist that I created for the drive down to the river and it’ll get me pumped. Some days, though, I need an extra kick of excitement. In those (rare) situations, fly fishing videos really do the trick. Sure, you have to isolate the good videos from the rotten ones. I’m not one to sit and watch people yell “YEAAAAAAAAA RIPPIN’ LIPS” all day. As Toby will tell you, I’m too big of a hippie for that. So here’s some videos that aren’t just about rippin’ lips. And, of course, they’re all in Montana.

Living Rivers – Cast from Epic Montana on Vimeo.
This great video speaks to the love of fly fishing with some incredibly beautiful shots. It’s filmed by a local Bozemanite and interviews Wade Fellin, one of the owners of the Big Hole Lodge. Wade also works for the Upper Missouri Waterkeeper, based out of Bozeman.

This is for all the parents out there. It’s a short and sweet video with some gorgeous scenery, beautiful casts and a few beautiful trout. Filmed in Montana.

Another film shot in Montana, there isn’t any dialogue in this one. It’s largely shots of a lady somewhere in the backcountry (we couldn’t really place where….) from an NRS canoe.