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Why I Fly Fish Bozeman

Bozeman fly fishing guides at Fins & Feathers' fly shop

Another day off the sticks today and a much needed day off the shop as well. Things started off in typical Swank fashion with a little bit of running late this morning which meant a trip to the bus stop for the kid and then a drive back home for the boat. Almost to the shop and that nagging feeling of something just not being right. A quick shuffle around the truck and I realized that it was my wallet that was missing. Powered through it anyway and met a buddy at the shop for a little bit of semi-exploratory fishing for the day, after a couple trips to Mama Macs and a side run to Town Pump. Got on the road about an hour later than expected, but at least we got on the road with the new boat in tow.

Clouds made for tough spotting of fish today, wind made for some difficult boat management at times, but nothing horrendous, and water that I hadn’t fished in 20 years all added up to low expectations. Turns out that it was alright, got some decent fish to crush some streamers and only saw one other angler for the day.

The other angler, whom I can’t name out of respect for his skills with things piscatorial, was fishing alone and obviously having fun getting lost in all those things that go on in one’s head while being absorbed by water and fish. I’ve known lots of fisher people and anglers in my days, but none like this dude. It was good to see him on the water, fishing by himself, reminding me of why I love to do what I love to do.

We fished our way through the day with streamers, some BS, and a little bit of appreciation for the moment that we were doing something that was more or less…new. Not really new, but unfamiliar in that same kind of way that happens when you run into an old friend and the absence of conversation over the years becomes much less significant once the reunion is complete. Just like that saying about riding a bike.

Very cool to see trout blow up on shiny flies in skinnyish water. Could have been more, but easily could have been less. The raised platform on the boat puts things into an entirely new perspective. I found myself more perplexed by watching that fly swim in the water than thinking about where to cast next or how fast the retrieve should be. A couple hours into it, I thought to myself that I am really happy. Guess I’m glad that fishing does that to me, I think that’s the reason I fish!

Rest of the day? Older kid was laughing after school, doing homework unmolested while the younger kid chills out and my wife makes dinner. All four of us actually had a really good day and the fly shop seemed busy too. The one thing I truly know is that there aren’t enough days like today.