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Wind and Children on the Lower

Yes the weather has been crazy, dark, and unpredictable for what seems like a lifetime now. I think I have guided trips on the only decent weather days so far in all of 2018. My son wanted to fish yesterday and my words of wise council to forego the outing based on winds and weather did not matter to him in the least. In the end, I agreed to hitch the boat up and head to the lower Madison with the little guy and one of our three dogs in tow.

As expected, the wind was howling from ramp to ramp, but the water was clear, fish were eating, and the kid was his usual happy, fishy self – even the dog had a good time. I can get a little too selective when it comes to picking my days to head out these days, so it was refreshing to just go despite the weather. It was great to see his 10-year-old, badass angler self just casting into the wind, mending effectively, and setting the hook without any words of coaching from myself. It really is remarkable what he can do with a fly rod in his hand already in life.

The water is in good shape (or was yesterday) with plenty of clarity except along the highway, downstream of Cherry Creek. Elk Creek, which flows in below Blacks Ford was also dirty so that east side was pretty bad all the way down. Still, the middle of the river and the west side were all in great shape. It was windy, but we got fish to eat Crayfish and San Juan Worms under an indicator well enough.

It is snowing outside once again, after a windy day today and temperatures pushing into the 60’s. I suspect that the bugs will be a bit delayed this year but BWO’s are starting to get going on the Yellowstone and the Lower Madison – just find the right day. Definitely feeling like the winter that just won’t stop, so swing in our Bozeman fly shop and share your frustrations with all of us!