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Wind is Always a Friend

I chose poorly yesterday. Ideal conditions for a little mid-winter, epic midge fishing on the lower Madison seemed to be on hand yesterday morning. So, plans to ski the fresh pow pow were cancelled and trucks were re-routed. Camera gear and a bamboo rod were switched for poles and skis. Reels were re-lined and spare rods were thrown in at the last minute too. It was to be THE DAY. I looked at the wrong wind station…

Upon making that last turn at Blacks’ Ford, the burban shuttered as it met 40-50 mph of southerly breeze in its face. Ice shelves over the easy buckets didn’t add much to the experience. Managed a few fish, less photos, some laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation and ended up making a mad dash to the EG where we caught a few more little Ranibows and not on midges.

It’s good to see my run of luck from 2012 is still with me…