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Winter Fly Pattern- Brassie

Are you the type of person that enjoys making gifts instead of buying them? What about tying some flies for your loved ones?

I have recently picked up tying flies and am tying a diverse selection of flies for the anglers in my family. Primarily for my father for I know he will appreciate it the most. I was taught and encouraged by an expert angler (and guide) and very skilled fly tier, Dane Huzarski. I am sure some of you either know him personally or have heard of him being that he has guided the southwest Montana for over 20 years. He is very well known and respected in the fly fishing community. I feel fortune to have been taught by one of the best. I thought I would encourage all you readers to tie some flies by sharing some patterns I was taught. Some will be simple basic flies but effective, some a little more complex but most will be popular patterns that are a must have in every fly box. I will start with some popular winter fly patterns such as the Brassie, Griffith’s Gnat and Zebra Midge.

Bead head Brassie:
The Brassie is a midge pattern that is very effective in winter and a good all-around pattern. This pattern resembles the larval-pupal stage when they are aquatic filter feeders, predominantly living in tubes in soft mud. The copper wire and bead head allows the fly to quickly sink to the bottom of the river where it should be fished. In the winter fish will be conserving energy hanging out in the slower currents primarily relying on midge larvae and pupa for food in these colder months. So fishing the brassie as a dropper in the deeper pools where the currents are slow to medium is usually a promising option.
I typed up my regurgitated instructions, of what I was taught and then I found this video from the Orvis website demonstrating the brassie pattern by Tim Flager of Tightline Productions. I was taught a slightly different approach but another lesson I learned from tying flies is that “there are many ways to skin a cat”.

Hook: size 14-20 emerger or scud hook
Bead: black or gold, 3/32”
Thread: Black (or dark), 6/0 or 70 denier
Head/Thorax: Peacock Herl
Body: Copper or Red Ultra wire, small-medium or brassie

Brassie from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

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